How We Work

VRI FAQ! We’re so glad to have you here so we can give you more information on VRI. Here’s what you can expect if we work together!

Below you’ll find some of our most frequently asked questions and some other logistics. Got more questions? See the bottom of the page to take the next step.

What type of clients do you work with?

VRI’s target clients are high-functioning visionaries from the marketing and advertising world. These individuals are in the process of setting up their coaching or consulting businesses or are further along on their entrepreneurial journeys and are looking for help to manage growth.

These smart, fun and purposeful entrepreneurs love empowering others to live their best lives! They believe fully in achieving work/life balance and how important it is to their happiness and success. These clients demonstrate integrity and authenticity. They have no problem making the financial investment to receive top-notch executive assistance and event management support.

Are there people you don’t work with?

We work best with clients who are willing to hold themselves accountable to their goals. They understand that having a team of support professionals behind them means everyone has to understand the vision and end game. They also realize that they can’t just “sit” on what needs to get done, waiting days or weeks to move on a project or respond to emails. In the interest of growing and scaling your business alongside you, we need to come together as partners and plan for the next six months or a year in order to keep things moving – and have the communication to back it all up!

What is expected of me in a working relationship with VRI, and how will we work together?

First and foremost, an open/honest dialogue. Work can be challenging and stressful, but not if we’re aligned with ongoing communication, realistic expectations and a sense of fun!

Don’t worry if you’ve never worked virtually before! We’ll get you up to speed in no time!

Because we are in a working virtual environment, weekly and sometimes daily conversations via texting, email, Skype or phone calls are needed. This is important so we can track your goals and present you with ongoing progress reports. Also, as mentioned, to avoid delays, quick responses to emails are appreciated. And we have to laugh, smile and remember how blessed we are to do what we love!

The brass tacks of working together include:

  • The package or a la carte services you purchase includes time for all of our services, including project management. All purchases are paid in advance.
  • You’ll be assigned a project manager/lead associate who will discuss your ongoing needs (for retainer clients) and targets for each month of services or event launches. Then that person will oversee and manage all the tasks you need to accomplish by sourcing the appropriate team members to execute on those tasks. Your PM will keep you appraised throughout the week on where things stand. They will, essentially become your Mini-Me, taking all those cumbersome or time-consuming tasks off your shoulders so you can do what you do best!
  • You’ll also receive bi-weekly time reports so you are always in the know about the time on your account and tasks accomplished to date. (You can always just ask any time if you need to know in between reports.)
  • You understand that it is your responsibility to give plenty of lead time for tasks to be done. If you’re not sure, just ask your project manager and he/she will inform you. To give you an idea, simple technical tasks can typically be turned around within 24-48 hours. More in-depth technical or writing tasks may require 3-5 business days. It’s also important to note that urgent requests will be charged double if same-day service is required. (However, with great forward-looking planning, we’ll make sure we can avoid a last-minute race as much as possible!)
  • You also understand that the provision of services that you secure with VRI in no way is a guarantee of the results you can expect. This is because the final decision on what products/programs/services you offer and direction of your business rests with you. We are not responsible for the variables that occur in your online/offline marketing efforts —competition, product, market, price, list, demand, customer preferences, and major events — that we cannot control. But we will for sure be there with you, every step of the way, to ensure the “back end” of your business runs like clockwork!
  • Lastly, you’ll also sign an agreement with us which will outline the work involved, our mutual expectations in carrying out tasks, making payments, etc.

I believe this is right for me, but I have a few more questions. Can I contact you with them?

Of course! Simply send me a message and let’s set up a time to talk.

This initial exploratory 15-minute session is FREE!

Come with your questions and most pressing challenges. If we decide to work together, we’ll get you on board asap so you can start getting relief right away!