Virtual Events, Virtual Summits, Webinars

If you are planning to reach out to your ever-growing client base, you should consider hosting a technology-based “virtual” conference. These come in various forms and go by various names, such as Webinar, Virtual Seminar, Virtual Event, Virtual Conference, Telesummit, Webcast, Podcast, etc. Delivered by Internet or phone, these conferences are an efficient way to present valuable material by an array of knowledgeable guest speakers. Preparation may include video or audio production. VRI does just this kind of event planning! In most cases, you may wish to record your virtual conference to use later, perhaps as a premium bonus for future clients, or as an informative product.

(Copy is not included, but copywriting service is available in our la carte section.)

Basic Package –

  • Summit Discovery (identify NAME and tagline)
  • Confirm dates/length of Summit
  • Determine how delivered
  • Determine model used
  • Map out marketing funnel
  • Determine Upsell

The basic package plus –

  • Help with selection of summit topics
  • Through research, surveys/polls, discussion threads, etc.
  • Assist with speaker recruitment, correspondence, connecting

Everything in the professional package plus –

  • Technology set up
  • Set up landing page with opt-in form
  • Opt-in confirmation page
  • Sales page and order page
  • Sales confirmation page
  • Inner pages, schedule or session pages, speaker pages
  • Membership site pages
  • Create email sequences
  • Set up promotional timeline

Video Services –

  • Online Video Marketing
  • Welcome video published to your home page
  • About Page video
  • Explainer video to help explain a product launch, new service or upcoming event
  • Screencast for specific feature on your website or application

Whiteboard Animation – Character Animation – Kinetic Typography –

  • Video up to 60 seconds in length
  • Free images
  • Free audio
  • Personal branding can be included
  • Extended video fee options are available for up to each additional 30 seconds at additional cost

Video Repurposing –

  • Edit and produce portions of all of the video content
  • Add an intro and or outro screen (music is optional)
  • Use content to create a written tutorial with screen shots
  • Produce the audio as an MP3

Custom Screencast Videos – 

  • Up to 2 minutes including script collaboration and voiceover. Revisions included.
  • Additional produced minutes are available
  • Voiceover only is available.

Audio Services/Podcasts –

  • 4 audio projects edited and produced per month
  • RAW editing up to 60 minutes per episode
  • Remove undesirable ums and ahs
  • Remove background noise
  • Add intro and/or outro
  • Add background music
  • Volume adjustments
  • Upload file to your media host

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