Virtual Resources International offers executive support, social media setup/design/maintenance, customer outreach, custom copy and graphics, website design, audio and video services, and the setting up of virtual and live events.

We offer a wide range of TAILORED packages and ad hoc services that make it easy and affordable to get laser-focused help in the area(s) you need!

Virtual Executive Assistance

You may have heard about Virtual Assistants. These are office personnel who work from afar, fulfilling your business’ clerical, technical and social needs. VRI specializes in an elite service of providing Virtual Executive Assistants. We maintain the highest professional standards. Your business is supported by seasoned professionals all working under the direction of one Virtual Executive Assistant. We offer a variety of packages that let you choose just how much support you need. Go to our Virtual Executive Assistance page for more information.

Virtual Events

If you are planning to reach out to your ever-growing client base, you should consider hosting a technology-based “virtual” conference. These come in various forms and go by various names, such as Webinar, Virtual Seminar, Virtual Event, Virtual Conference, Telesummit, Webcast, Podcast, etc. Delivered by Internet or phone, these conferences are an efficient way to present valuable material by an array of knowledgeable guest speakers. Preparation may include video or audio production. VRI does that! In most cases, you may wish to record your virtual conference to use later, perhaps as a premium bonus for future clients, or as an informative product.
Go to our Virtual Events page for more information.

Live Events

Similar to virtual conferences, hosting live events can be an exciting way to attract new clients. The primary difference is the immediacy of your event. The location may be a determining factor in your success, or the physical proximity to your potential client pool. If you prefer to close sales or deals in an exciting, live environment, live event production may be for you! Technical and physical logistics differ from virtual conferences, and special planning is required. VRI can help. Go to our Live Events page for more information.

A La Carte Services

Do you have a website that attracts the right kind of potential client? Is it optimized for search engines? Are you tapping into the rich client pool of social media? Are you reaching out and interacting with current and potential clients through email, video, audio, graphics, and enticing marketing copy? VRI offers these services and more!

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