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Our virtual mega-dedicated team is supercharged with admin, tech, design, marketing and copywriting skills to uplevel your online business presence and position you for ongoing success.

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You? You’re a fun, savvy, and compassionate entrepreneur who’s ditched the corporate world for the dream of owning your own business and sharing your joy/passion with the world.

You’ve established your well-respected reputation with your expertise and proven results. You bring fresh ideas, and a real, authentic experience to your ideal clients. You leave your mark by helping others do good, be great, and embrace the incredible gifts we all bring to the table.

And you believe strongly in walking your talk.

Us. We’re a hard-working group of professionals who take pride in our talents and our ability to launch entrepreneurs ahead. We’ve taken professional training, and continue to hone our skills daily to ensure our clients have the ultimate executive support experience.

As mega-motivated individuals, we deliver consistent, reliable results to our clients time and time again. We consider teaming up with our clients as partnerships, versus one-way delegation. We’re experts in finding a perfect harmony to reach the goals you’ve set out.

Executive Assistance

From maintaining your busy calendar and booking travel, to making sure your customer service is top-notch, and so much more, we’ve got the knowhow to get you quickly up to speed and growing your clientele!

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Virtual Event
Management Services

Webinars are one of the best revenue-producing business streams. We know how to handle the back-end of the tech part, set up your optin funnel and more.

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Management Services

We’ll make sure you ace your next live event or retreat because we know how important it is to look great to your prospects and clients!

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A La Carte Services

Need a brand new website and marketing copy? Need graphics for your Facebook posts? Looking at a new e-commerce system? We’ve got you covered for this and more.

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“Terry Ramirez has been an invaluable asset to my business, particularly with her high level
of dedication, caring and attention to detail on planning small events, affiliate management,
and just generally representing me out in the world. I love her heart, her spirit and her
absolute dedication to making my business as powerful as it can be. Anyone who hires
her will be taking on a true team player who will become the heart of your business,
just as she was with mine.”

– Suzanne Falter-Barns, www.getknownnow.com

Whether you’re in start-up mode or far-advanced in your entrepreneurial path, Virtual Resources International has an amazing breadth and depth of experience to support all your long-term executive assistance needs.

Ready to work with a team of like-minded, high-level team members who can take your business projects to the next level and give you back the time you’ve been craving?